Authoring Tool Release v0.9.0

Core Developers | July 16, 2019

Header image - graphic of a gift box bursting open with the words Authoring Tool Release beneath.

This release brings authoring tool users the ability to remove plugins, simplification of roles and considerably snappier loading for edit pages.


Remove plugin button added

Now every plugin has a “Remove Plugin” button, which you can see in the plugin manager.

Screenshot showing the delete plugin button in the plugin list.

Only plugins that are not being used in a course can be deleted. If you try to delete a plugin that is in use, the authoring tool will provide a list of courses that it is used in. This means that users can only delete plugins when it’s safe to do so.

Can Studio’s Nicola Willis, who worked on this release, said:

“This is a great feature for users who like to experiment with community plugins – like our in-house team. We developed this feature so that they wouldn’t be left stuck with an ever-growing list of plugins they’d tried and rejected clogging up their authoring tool.”


Product Manager and Tenant Admin user roles removed

Feedback revealed that these roles were rarely used but did cause confusion. The roles available within the authoring tool are now:

  • Super Admin – Can create courses and users as well as upload plugins, import courses and manage assets.
  • Course creators – Can create courses.
  • Authenticated users – Can view courses that have been shared with them.

(Don’t forget that its also possible to share a course with specific users, this feature was added in v0.7.0)


Edit page load speed improved

Users of v0.8.1 of the community tool had reported that page load while editing bigger courses was rather slow. This has been considerably improved in v0.9.0.


A number of other minor bug fixes have also been made in this release.

You can find the full details on GitHub.