Responsive design

Create one e-learning course that works on any device

What is responsive design?

Since the mass uptake of smartphones and tablets, there’s been a sea change in how people access and consume content. This is reflected in changing expectations: users want to access the same content on all their devices, rather than accepting a stripped down ‘mobile version’.

As a result, there’s been a gradual move away from fixed layouts designed for a set screen size and resolution. Instead, content creators and providers are turning to flexible, dynamic layouts that work on all devices, distributing rich content to mobile devices as well as desktops. This approach is known as responsive web design because the layout responds to the device’s viewport size and browser.

The flexibility offered by responsive design benefits both developer and user rather than offering multiple versions of a site or application, only one fully featured site needs to be developed.

Introducing responsive elearning

More and more organisations are providing tablets and smartphones to their employees, or supporting ‘Bring Your Own Device’ initiatives. This means that increasingly we have to deliver learning solutions that work on all device types – that’s why we developed Adapt.

Rather than using a templated approach to elearning design, Adapt utilises a flexible mix of components that can be combined seamlessly to provide a fantastic learning experience. No more ‘click next to continue’ – the fluid layout produces intuitive scrolling pages that work beautifully on all devices.

We strongly believe that the learner must be at the heart of what is produced. We work closely with clients and industry experts to make sure that Adapt projects don’t just look great – they lead to great learner outcomes, too. Since its release, learning designers have used Adapt to deliver well-structured content that adheres to best practice in learning design. Whether you want a flexible course for desktop users or you employ a ‘mobile first’ design strategy, Adapt has the flexibility to meet the needs of all your learners.