About Adapt

Create responsive learning content with free, open source tools

Our vision statement:

Our vision statement for Adapt is summarised as follows:

  • To create the leading authoring tool for producing responsive, multi-device e-learning
  • To encourage a global community of end users and developers
  • To drive wider adoption with our free and open source licence
  • To ensure the authoring tool is intuitive and easy to use with a typical LMS or website
  • To support collaborative development and transition to community led governance

The vision statement is explained in detail here.

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Adapt has taken honours at the LearnX awards for Best Elearning Design Technology for the last three years running.

The awards highlight the innovative approach and continued growth of the Adapt project. We hope to add many more awards to our trophy case as Adapt becomes more recognised as a major player in the authoring tool market.

Find out how you can join the award winning team and help us use this momentum to create the best responsive elearning authoring tool available.

2015 – LearnX – Best Elearning Design Technology – Gold award
2014 – LearnX – Best Elearning Design Technology – Platinum award
2013 – LearnX – Best Elearning Design Technology – Platinum award

Who we are

Get to know the core team who are working on the Adapt project. There’s more to the project than development and we welcome individuals working on their own or as part of organisations who’d like to get involved.

Principles and governance

Adapt is an open source project, collaboration is at the heart of the principles it is based on.

  • The code and authoring tool will be free
  • We produce stable, high-quality code
  • We are open, honest and friendly
  • All discussions take place in the open and on the forums of this site
  • We are quick to respond
  • We stay focused on learning
  • We drive for a low barrier to entry
  • We consider documentation very important
  • We aim for ease of use for a non-technical audience
  • We reward significant and continued contributions with influence over time
Read more about the principles and how the project’s governance structure works: