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I’m a creator

  • I want to create beautiful elearning courses with no programming
  • My courses need to be available to any device
  • I need to keep within the budget

I’m a developer

  • I need to build responsive, HTML5 elearning
  • I want a powerful, flexible framework that I can extend with plugins
  • I love free, open source code

I want to contribute

  • I want to contribute to the Adapt project
  • I can help other people get the best out of the Adapt authoring tool
  • I’d like to share the plugins I create
  • I can help develop the source code
  • I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with a community
  • I commit to being open, honest and friendly
  • “Community is an essential part of how Adapt does open source. We share in return for what has been shared with us. We know little improvements lead to big changes. If you can’t find a place for your contributions, call me!”

    Chuck Lorenz
    Chair, Adapt Learning Steering Group
  • “Adapt has proven ideal for creating engaging cross-platform courses within our requirements. Support from the community is phenomenal and my own technical skillset has significantly expanded thanks to them.”

    Helen Maffin
    eLearning Developer, University of Cambridge
  • “Setting up and running the Adapt open source project has been the best and funnest work ever! It’s now used in 194 countries, and making a real difference.”

    Sven Laux
    Adapt Project Founder
  • “When you just scratch the surface, Adapt seems remarkably simple. When you start to dissect it, you realise the true power that lies beneath”

    Andrew Hosgood
    Senior Front End Developer, Sponge
  • “With so many e-learning framework options to choose from, you are spoiled for choice! However, once you have worked on Adapt, you know you have made the right decision. It has been a pleasure working with the Adapt community.

    Sarveshwar Gavhane
    Software Developer, Newgen Enterprise
  • “It’s a real privilege to work with such a passionate and talented group of people on a community-driven project like this.”

    Tom Taylor
    Open Source Developer, Kineo
  • “Adapt provides great flexibility from a customization standpoint, where the designers and developers can communicate with each other to craft new intuitive and engaging User Interfaces.”

    Himanshu Rajotia
    Senior Software Developer, Exult
  • “I have been testing elearning for accessibility for ten years plus, and I can honestly say that Adapt content works better with screen readers than any other elearning I have ever tested.”

    Sam Cook
    Head of Testing, Kineo
  • In our multidevice world we need multidevice tools. We need Adapt!

    Thomas Berger
  • “The collaboration side of the project is really good, everyone who’s working on it really has a passion to push it and develop it so we’re all working together really well to come out with something well received.”

    Owen Worts
    Solutions Art Director, Kineo
  • “It’s just amazing to see how Adapt has evolved since it was made open source. I’m incredibly excited to see how it will develop over the next few years and proud to be a part of the community that’s keeping it at the cutting edge of e-learning development.”

    Matt Leathes
    Senior Technical Consultant, Kineo
  • Screen reading makes it unique, Responsiveness makes it simple, Accessibility makes it convenient, why should we go for any other framework?”

    Chetan Hajare
    Software Developer, Newgen Enterprise
  • “My perspective as an instructional designer is: I want as many people as possible to have the tools to help them create really good quality elearning and that’s something that Adapt offers.”

    Lucy Hodge
    Instructional Designer
  • “Adapt framework truly endorses the meaning of adapt by allowing us to develop responsive content for multiple platforms and devices. It’s really a great opportunity to be a part of this community and contribute to this project”

    Ratnadeep Rajput
    Project Manager, Newgen Enterprise