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Since 2004 we have been creating custom-made elearning for companies all over the world. We believe that when elearning is relevant, creative and interactive, people are able to absorb it like a sponge, and use it to improve their performance and reach their potential. That’s why we only focus on custom-made solutions.

We are founding members of the Adapt project and have been creating responsive learning for clients since the beginning.

Our focus is on making learning absorbing, inspiring people to connect with and apply what they learn. Adapt helps us bring that to all learners, wherever they are and whatever device they’re using.

Tel: +44 (0)2074 921977

Example courses

Have a look at these example programmes that we have designed and built in Adapt:

PFRA Street fundraising

Sponge Test your knowledge of rules for street fundraising in this Adapt course with an integrated HTML5 game.

Open Data in a Day

Sponge Discover what open data is and how it is changing lives through a clean, responsive interface built in Adapt.

Are you cyber safe?

Sponge Learn about the different online security threats and how you can avoid a data breach in this short demo module...