Newgen Enterprise (formerly Exult)

Exult is now part of Newgen Enterprise. Newgen, founded in 1996, is a Chennai, India-based Carlyle Group portfolio company. Newgen Enterprise is a leading solutions provider in eLearning, digital marketing and language services.

We partner with numerous leading and Fortune 1000 companies from around the globe to address their specific requirements and help them achieve their business goals. We believe in adding value and follow a working model that renders a consultative approach, as opposed to a “production only” model. We bring in strong experience and expertise in Training Development, Learning Management System (LMS) Administration, Mobile Applications, Localization, Web Technology, Publishing and Technical Documentation.

Encompassing a huge experience base in Publishing, Content Transformation and Learning Solutions Development, we have in time mastered the art of aiding entities success through our innovative approaches and solutions that are cost effective. We have a 1500+ strong team, spread over eleven global locations that provide cost effective solutions to our customers from varied industries.

Example courses

Have a look at these example programmes that we have designed and built in Adapt:

Financial Accounting

Newgen Enterprise The course guides you through various basic concepts of financial accounting and business operations.

Data Protection and IT Policy

Newgen Enterprise Course to raise awareness of the Data protection and IT policy implemented within an organization, as well as the...

Client Relationship Management

Newgen Enterprise The course enables you to recognize the importance of building client relationships and adopting a client centric mindset in...

The Total Office Call module is a showcase item on the Adapt learning website

Total Office Call Overview

Newgen Enterprise A demonstration of the objectives and benefits of Total Office Call for staff of a Healthcare Professional’s Office. Highlights staff...

Social Media Awareness


The course is designed to make the learners aware about social media and its interesting facts. The course provides information about LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.