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Learning Pool

Learning Pool has a fresh approach to partnering with their customers. One that makes a real difference, with a 98% satisfaction rate.

The company has the largest and most flexible catalogue of Adapt content on the market and deliver a highly customised learning experience, at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke project.

At Learning Pool, they support over 460 organisations with their innovative approach including personalised learning, gamification in Adapt and performance support.

Tel: +44 (0)207 101 9383

Example courses

Have a look at these example programmes that we have designed and built in Adapt:


Thought leadership and resources


Ebook: Everything You Need to Know about Adapt

With this free ebook, you’ll learn how Adapt Learning will revolutionise your learner’s experience, how anyone can edit and create Adapt courses with Adapt Builder and what’s next for the Adapt Learning adventure.

Blog: 5 Time Saving Tips for Beautiful Adapt Content

When a Graphic Designer is assigned a new Adapt course to work on, they have two key objectives; make it look great and do it fast.

Webinar: Learn How to Create Awesome Adapt Learning

Graphics expert Paul Crumlish and Head of Content Lindsey Coode share their experiences of creating e-learning content that will engage and motivate learners.

Modern Vehicle Testing

FKC The microtraining refers to the suspensiontest, a modern AI-based testing technology for the PTI (Periodical Technical Inspection of cars). The...

Solar system demo course on a tablet

Styling for little learners

Can Studios Want elearning that’s out of this world? With Adapt it can be – as Can Studios prove with their demo for...

Can Studios at Park Hill

Can Studios Explore Adapt’s features while learning about Can Studios and their home at the architectural icon, Park Hill.

RCPCH – Effective Educational Supervision

Learning Pool This module introduces the principles of educational supervision, the various tools available to help education supervisors and the types...

Anti-Competitive Activity

Learning Pool This module covers: The legal and regulatory responsibilities regarding anti-competitive activity in the financial sector, the Competition Act 1998...

Managing Stress and Conflict

Learning Pool We explore the obligations of the organisation in minimising stress levels and examine the role that you as a...

Column and Veil Bikes

Adapt Community Learn about what goes into helping customers get the bicycle of their dreams in this demo course made by...

Social Media Awareness


The course is designed to make the learners aware about social media and its interesting facts. The course provides information about LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Adapt Community A super-rad, one page, mobile-friendly quiz created in a weekend by Melissa Milloway. Read more about Melissa's experience on the Adapt blog.

Phishing Awareness

DeltaNet Explore the various tactics hackers use to attempt to access confidential information.

Fire – Can You Handle It

DeltaNet This microlearning module challenges learners to choose the right extinguisher to put out different types of fire.

Gifts and Hospitality

DeltaNet This 5 minute challenge explains the difference between an acceptable gift and a bribe.

Violence And Aggression

DeltaNet This course utilises Adapt V2 features including enhanced audio settings, and will show learners how to reduce the risk of...

Refugees learning German with Adapt

LearnChamp Support for private project from Stephanie Schmid (more at that is helping refugees learning (basic) German.

Take a walk through Vienna

LearnChamp Join us on a walk from Vienna’s world-famous opera house to LearnChamp’s headquarters and see some of the city’s most...

Childhood Obesity

Learning Pool Introducing you to the causes and impact of the condition and the role of the Children’s Care Society in...

Effective Educational Supervision – RCPCH

Learning Pool Learn about the essential elements of successful educational supervision

Managing Improvement: The Sales Process

Learning Pool Get the necessary knowledge to review the traditional sales process from end to end, with a view to identifying...

PFRA Street fundraising

Sponge Test your knowledge of rules for street fundraising in this Adapt course with an integrated HTML5 game.

Open Data in a Day

Sponge Discover what open data is and how it is changing lives through a clean, responsive interface built in Adapt.

Driving At Work

DeltaNet Learn why the health and safety requirements are the same whether you’re in the office or on the road with...

Fraud Awareness

DeltaNet Step into the shoes of a would-be fraudster and find out what fraud is in this sample of DeltaNet’s Fraud...

Equality and Diversity

DeltaNet Find out why Equality and Diversity are more than just a legal requirement in this extract from DeltaNet’s Manager’s Guide...

Data Protection

DeltaNet Learn why the Data Protection Act exists in this demo of DeltaNet’s Data Protection eLearning module.

Financial Accounting

Newgen Enterprise The course guides you through various basic concepts of financial accounting and business operations.

Data Protection and IT Policy

Newgen Enterprise Course to raise awareness of the Data protection and IT policy implemented within an organization, as well as the...

Client Relationship Management

Newgen Enterprise The course enables you to recognize the importance of building client relationships and adopting a client centric mindset in...

Kineo EssentialsPlus

Kineo Example of Kineo’s EssentialsPlus Off The Shelf e-learning. We’ve crammed many of the engaging features you can expect to see in...

The Total Office Call module is a showcase item on the Adapt learning website

Total Office Call Overview

Newgen Enterprise A demonstration of the objectives and benefits of Total Office Call for staff of a Healthcare Professional’s Office. Highlights staff...

Essential Information

Kineo Developed for the Scouts Association, this course shows learners what it means to be a new volunteer; the responsibilities of...

Are you cyber safe?

Sponge Learn about the different online security threats and how you can avoid a data breach in this short demo module...

100 Months Of Loving To Share

Kineo A single Adapt page being using to deliver communication instead of learning. Simple text and graphic components are ably supported...

Kineo’s Adapt Demo

Kineo Find out about Adapt, in Adapt! This course explains some of the thinking behind how we at Kineo design and...

Introduction to Adapt

Adapt Community Great little example module offering a superb insight into the Adapt project. Created by Juan Pablo Caballero.

3 Steps To The Right Learning Blend

Example Adapt module created by Michael Memory from Bixal.