Fischer, Knoblauch & Co.

Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. (FKC) is your full-service provider for creating individual, multi-lingual e-learning at three locations: Frankfurt am Main, Basel and the head office in Munich.

Founded in 1996 by Guy Fischer and Thomas Knoblauch and with over twelve million learners in 1,500 projects, FKC is the quality leader when it comes to e-learning in German-speaking countries.

We can help you to implement learning systems that allows you to customize layouts and functions with a responsive design on all end devices. With FKC, digital learning is made easy and meets the latest technical standards.

Example courses

Have a look at these example programmes that we have designed and built in Adapt:

Modern Vehicle Testing

FKC The microtraining refers to the suspensiontest, a modern AI-based testing technology for the PTI (Periodical Technical Inspection of cars). The...