DeltaNet’s eLearning solutions help businesses reach their potential, meet regulations and keep employees safe.

We’re passionate about using innovative technology to drive business performance, and became Adapt collaborators within weeks of the project’s inception.

Since then, we’ve produced over 35 off-the-shelf compliance and health and safety eLearning modules with Adapt, which have helped our clients deliver eLearning to thousands of learners who love being able to access eLearning wherever they are, whatever device they use.

Example courses

Have a look at these example programmes that we have designed and built in Adapt:

Phishing Awareness

DeltaNet Explore the various tactics hackers use to attempt to access confidential information.

Fire – Can You Handle It

DeltaNet This microlearning module challenges learners to choose the right extinguisher to put out different types of fire.

Gifts and Hospitality

DeltaNet This 5 minute challenge explains the difference between an acceptable gift and a bribe.

Fraud Awareness

DeltaNet Step into the shoes of a would-be fraudster and find out what fraud is in this sample of DeltaNet’s Fraud...

Equality and Diversity

DeltaNet Find out why Equality and Diversity are more than just a legal requirement in this extract from DeltaNet’s Manager’s Guide...

Data Protection

DeltaNet Learn why the Data Protection Act exists in this demo of DeltaNet’s Data Protection eLearning module.

Driving At Work

DeltaNet Learn why the health and safety requirements are the same whether you’re in the office or on the road with...

Violence And Aggression

DeltaNet This course utilises Adapt V2 features including enhanced audio settings, and will show learners how to reduce the risk of...